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  • Whitetail Buck (Firearms):  355 lbs., field dressed, Horace Hinckley, Augusta, ME, 1955, Concord
  • Whitetail Buck (Bowhunting):  267 lbs., field dressed, 6 points, John P. Berry, E. Waterboro, Maine, 10/14/13, Waterboro
  • Whitetail Doe (Firearms):  185 lbs., field dressed, Luke Arsenault, Lisbon Falls, ME, 11/1/92, Seboomook Township
  • Whitetail Doe (Firearms):  185 lbs., field dressed, Steve Letourneau, Turner, ME, 11/11/04, Lower Enchanted Township
  • Whitetail Doe (Bowhunting):  172.2 lbs., field dressed, Shawn MacFarlane, Dixfield, ME, 10/18/12 in Dixfield
  • Whitetail Doe (Antlered):  210 lbs., eight-points, Jack Cross, Bethel, ME, 11/15/80, Bethel
  • Black Bear (Firearms):  699 lbs.,  Matt Knox, Waynesboro PA,  Guided by Grand Slam Guide Service, Greenville 9/7/12
  • Black Bear (Archery):  501 lbs., field dressed, Pete Shippee, Winthrop, ME, 8/29/90, Strong
  • Black Bear (Sow):  334.5 lbs., field dressed, Tom Sullivan, Portland, Conn., August 28, 2006, Mapleton
  • Black Bear (Sow – Archery) 328 pounds, Kyle Stokes, Annville, PA, 8/29/2007, St. Agatha.
  • Black Bear (Crossbow): 432.2 pounds, Marc Caplan, Ornville, Sept. 2, 2010, Ornville.
  • Moose (Bull)  1,330 lbs., field dressed, Willard & Sterling Waterman, New Gloucester, ME, 1982, Marsardis.
  • Moose (Bull-Archery) 1,040 lbs., Craig Warren,  New Gloucester, ME, 9/30/2009, Allagash.
  • Moose, cow:  885 lbs., William J. Kibe, Elliottsburg PA, Oct. 13 2001, Misery Twp., Zone 8, Guided by Bob Lawrence of Rockwood.
  • Turkey:  27 lbs. 12 oz., Sarah Levangie, Belfast, ME, 4/28/03, Waldo County.
  • Turkey (Bow):  25 lbs., Chris Nadeau, Wells, ME, 5/1/07, Wells Falls

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