Mt. Katahdin

2275256845_822d2c6c6f_bMount Katahdin Facts

Elevation:  5,268 feet (1,606 meters)
Prominence:  4,288 feet (1,307 meters)
Location:  Baxter State Park, Millinocket, Maine
Range:  Baxter State Park
Coordinates:  45°54’16” North     68°55’17” West
Rating:  Epic
Features:  Peak bag, panoramic views, Ranger Station, Roaring Brook, start/end of Appalachian Trail, loop hike
Distance:  11.1 miles on Knife Edge Trail

Baxter State Park Road Map – Map of roads in Baxter State Park.

Katahdin SFMA (Scientific Forest Management Area) Recreation Features Map – Includes streams, hiking trails and roads with name labels.

Mount Katahdin Trailhead Maps:

Baxter State Park – Information about Baxter State Park including additional maps, recreation opportunities, geological features and resources.

Baxter State Park Authority – Official website for Baxter State Park with hiking tips, trail information, camping reservations, fees and weather information.

Mt. Katahdin Hiking Information – Practical information and photos provided by Brian Jenkins including when to climb and where to stay.

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