2017 Maine Lobster Boat Races Schedule

Come check out one of the most exciting and entertaining events in the state of Maine: the Lobster Boat Races!  Boats go bow-to-bow for points, cash and prizes in these exciting and competitive races.

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2017 Lobster Boat Race Schedule

  • June 17th – Boothbay Harbor
  • June 18th – Rockland
  • June 25th – Bass Harbor Pier
  • July 1st – Jonesport-Beals (Moosabec Reach)
  • July 9th – Stonington
  • July 23rd – Friendship
  • August 12th – Winter Harbor
  • August 13th – Pemaquid
  • August 19th – Long Island
  • August 20th – Portland
  • October 14th – Banquet, Robinson’s Wharf & Tugs Pub, Southport

Information about each Lobster Boat Race Location

Boothbay Harbor Lobster Boat Races

Lobster Boat Races start at 10 am.  Boothbay Harbor is one of the best anchorages on the coast of Maine.  The harbor is spacious and sheltered with good holding ground.  The town has two public docks with dinghy/dory/skiff floats and three launching ramps.


Acting Harbormaster:  
Ralph Carter- Linekin Bay 207-633-3531
Assistant Harbormasters:  
Roy Larsen- Cross River & Oven’s Mouth
Peter Ripley- Card Cove & Ocean Point
Eric Hodgdon- Barters & Hodgdon Islands
John Luke- Little River
Bradley Simmons- Damariscotta River

Rockland Lobster Boat Races

Lobster Boat Races start at 10 am.  Head out to the Rockland Breakwater for the best view.  Keep in mind parking may be a challenge!  Rockland harbor offers excellent holding.  There are two main anchorages, in the northern and southern parts of the harbor.  The northern anchorage is behind the breakwater and gives you protection from the easterly chop.  Small craft anchorage in the western part of the harbor is close to amenities.  Depths of 6 to 15 feet are along the public landing float.


Matthew Ripley 207-594-0312

Bass Harbor Lobster Boat Races

Lobster Boat Races start at 10 am.  Three anchorages are in the inner harbor.  Several marinas are in the area as well.  A blessing of the fleet happens after the races.


Justin Seavey 207-244-4564

Jonesport-Beals (Moosabec Reach) Lobster Boat Races

Lobster Boat Races start at 10 am.  Head over to the Beals Island Bridge to watch the races from land.  Stay for a few days and enjoy the town’s 4th of July celebration.  In 8 foot anchorage is available in Sawyer Cove.  The Coast Guard Station is located to the north of Moosabec Reach.  The town launch ramp, pier, and float are located on the west side of Sawyer Cove.  A wharf is available at the northeastern part of Beals Island.


Russell Batson 207-497-5926

Stonington Lobster Boat Races

Lobster Boat Races start at 10 am.  The town has a pancake breakfast before the races and offers crabmeat rolls in the Odd Fellows Hall after the races.  Most wharves along the waterfront are used by commercial boats.  Berthage is very limited in Stonington- most vessels anchor or moor off Staple Point.  Mooring permits can be obtained from town selectmen.


Harbormaster:  Raelene Pert 207-367-5891 (office) 207-266-4327
Assistant Harbormaster:  Dana Webb
You can reach the harbormaster on Channel 16 on the VHF

Friendship Lobster Boat Races

Lobster Boat Races start at 10 am.  Part of Muscongus Bay, this harbor offers good anchorage in 21 to 28 feet of water.  Jameson Point on the north side of the harbor has many wharves and piers with float landings.  The town wharf is located to the north, and it is advised to approach with caution as the wharf has a reported depth of 2 feet alongside.


Jim Bolen 207-975-7107 or 207-832-6689

Winter Harbor Lobster Boat Races

The races take place in Henry Cove at 10 am.  This harbor is often used as a refuge and is secure in all weather.  The inner part of the harbor, northeastward of Sand Cove, has an anchorage and depths of around 8 feet.  The town has pier and float landing.  The 53rd Annual Winter Harbor Lobster Festival takes place during the Lobster Boat Races.  The festival offers lobster (obviously!), a craft fair, road race, parade and more.


Wesley Shaw 207-963-2235

Pemaquid (New Harbor) Lobster Boat Races

Lobster Boat Races start at 10 am.  The best view of this race from land is from Pemaquid Colonial Park, either along the shore or from the tower.  There are many fish and lobster wharves in the harbor.  Two service wharves with float landings are on the north side of the harbor.


Steve Hope 207-563-8001

Long Island Lobster Boat Races

Lobster Boat Races start at 10 am.  Two landings are on Long Island- Ponces Landing and Cleaves Landing.  Marriners Wharf is where the Casco Bay ferry from Portland docks.


John Wallace 207-766-5820

Portland Lobster Boat Races

Lobster Boat Races start at 10 am.  The best view of the races from land is from either Fort Allen Park or on the Eastern Promenade (Prom).  Diamond Island Roads is the main deepwater anchorage in the outer harbor, at 40 to 45 feet.  The 30-Foot Anchorage eastward of Fish Point has depths of 25-30 feet.  Diamond Cove, at the northeast end of Diamond Island, has excellent anchorage with depths around 18 feet.


Jeff Liick 207-772-8121

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